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Message from the President

We are a “plugged in” society looking for ways to connect to others. Some people do it through electronic means, but we recorder players come together to enjoy the fellowship of music that can only be experienced live and unplugged. That is why the American Recorder Society stays relevant today.

– Laura Kuhlman

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American Recorder Society News

The American Recorder Society is pleased to announce that the David Goldstein Series Volume I and II are now available.
Posted October 14, 2014

The American Recorder Society is pleased to announce that the David Goldstein Series Volume I and II are now available as a tribute to the life and legacy of this beloved recorder player, gambist, composer/arranger and New York pediatrician. Alan Karass has selected and edited selections from the David Goldstein Collection at the Recorder Music Center at Regis University, Denver, Colorado for purchase for $5 each through the ARS Store at:


Elizabeth Ann Pergande Zuehlke: July 15, 1914 - March 28, 2014 A Life Devoted To Bringing Music To Others By Matt Ross
Posted October 05, 2014

Betty Zuehlke, who passed away on March 28 at age 99, introduced the recorder and Early Music to hundreds of people throughout Southern California. She was instrumental in founding three chapters of the American Recorder Society: Orange County Recorder Society (OCRS), Riverside Recorder Society (RRS), and San Diego County Recorder Society (SDCRS), all of which continue to this day. She tirelessly taught recorder classes, often at little or no fee, wherever and whenever she could, to beginners and professionals alike, slowing down only in the final years of her life. Betty Zuehlke was an Early Music legend; she enriched the musical life of Southern California beyond measure.


Helen-Jean Talbott - Winner of the "ARS is 75!" Composition Competition
Posted October 01, 2014

The ARS is pleased to announce and provide to members the winning selection in the "ARS is 75!" Composition Competition in the Recorder Orchestra Category Reverie by Helen-Jean Talbott


Martha Bixler's memoir -"The American Recorder Society and Me"-is complete and now available to members
Posted August 26, 2014

Martha has written a personal memoir of the history of the ARS. It has been pieced together from historical records, letters, photographs and the author's recollections. The manuscript tells a rather inspiring story of a group of dedicated people trying to promote the joys of recorder playing in what began as a barren territory, and succeeding in raising membership to more than 4,000 at its peak. As with many institutions involved in limited niche markets, the struggle to survive was often harrowing, and required extreme efforts by many people, including Martha Bixler. The author structures the history on eight chapters, each describing a decade of time. Of course, as with any institution, there are ups and downs, conflicts of will, rivalries, joys and disappointments, and these are all described.

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