Message from the President

From new ARS Board President David Podeschi:
I love hearing origin stories about  how people came to the recorder.  Yet I had not heard that story from my friend and fellow Dallas Chapter member Alice Derbyshire until reading her Board greeting in the Fall ARS Newsletter. What a great story about first hearing recorder while hiking the Appalachian Trail—and I really liked her comment: “I’d found my people.”

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Call for ARS Board Nominations
Posted August 26, 2015

The ARS needs new Board members, especially a Treasurer -- let us know if you or someone you know is interested!


The ARS is pleased to announce a special one-half price incentive for new members.
Posted May 11, 2015

The ARS is pleased to announce a special 1/2 price incentive for new members. For USA $25, Canada $30, International $35. Click below for details and the membership forms:


Martha Bixler's memoir -"The American Recorder Society and Me...a memoir"-is now available
Posted July 27, 2015

Martha Bixler has written a personal memoir of the history of the ARS. It has been pieced together from historical records, letters, photographs and the author's recollections. The manuscript tells a rather inspiring story of a group of dedicated people trying to promote the joys of recorder playing in what began as a barren territory, and succeeding in raising membership to more than 4,000 at its peak. As with many institutions involved in limited niche markets, the struggle to survive was often harrowing, and required extreme efforts by many people, including Martha Bixler. The author structures the history on eight chapters, each describing a decade of time. Of course, as with any institution, there are ups and downs, conflicts of will, rivalries, joys and disappointments, and these are all described.


Musica Pacifica: Dancing in the Isles by Steven Ledbetter
Posted June 20, 2015

It is likely that a good part of the crowd surging toward Jordan Hall late in the evening on Friday night to hear an 11 o'clock BEMF performance by Musica Pacifica had a good idea of what to expect. I did not. This San Francisco-based ensemble consisted of seven superb players who presented a delightful program largely made up of dance tunes from the British Isles: Ireland, Scotland, and England. The ensemble consisted of recorder (Judith Linsenberg), two violins (Elizabeth Blumenstock and Robert Mealy), viola da gamba and cello (David Morris), lute and guitar (Charles Weaver), harpsichord (Charles Sherman), and percussion (Danny Mallon). Not all of them are based on the West Coast, but when they get together as Musica Pacifica, some magic happens. - The Heifetz of the recorder- Steven Ledbetter

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