American Recorder Society Honor Roll

Distinguished Achievement Award

The ARS Distinguished Achievement Award was set up by the Board of Directors in October 1986 to recognize and honor individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to development of the recorder movement in North America.  Recipients are:

Friedrich von Huene 1987
Bernard Krainis 1989
Shelley Gruskin 1991
Nobuo Toyama 1994
LaNoue Davenport 1995
Martha Bixler 1996
Edgar Hunt 1997
Eugene Reichenthal 1999
Frans Brüggen, 2001
Valerie Horst 2002
Pete Rose 2005
Marion Verbruggen 2006
Anthony Rowland Jones 2007
Ken Wollitz 2009
David Lasocki 2011
Bernard Thomas 2013
Members are invited to send a nomination, along with the reasons for nominating that individual, at any time for consideration by the Board.

President’s Special Honor Award

David Goldstein 2003
Carolyn Peskin 2005
Mary-Louise Smith 2005
Connie Primus 2006
Joel Newman 2007
Shirley Robbins 2007
Corlu Collier & Oregon Coast Recorder Society 2009
Louise Austin 2011
Peter Seibert 2012
Gail Nickless 2014

Past Presidents

Irmgard Lehrer 1939
Harold Newman 1940-1950
Erich Katz Music Dir. 1951-1959
LaNoue Davenport 1960-1961
Bernard Krainis 1962-1963
A. Cook Glassgold 1964-1965
Howard Mayer Brown 1966
Peter Ballinger 1967
Kenneth Wollitz 1968-1975
Jan Custer Bryan (Acting) 1976
Martha Bixler 1977-1980
Shelley Gruskin 1981-1988
Martha Bixler 1989-1990
Constance M. Primus 1991-1994
Gene Murrow 1995-2000
John Nelson 2001-2002
Alan Karass 2002-2006
Tish Berlin 2006-2008
Lisette Kielson 2008-2012
Laura Kuhlman 2012-2015


Honorary Life Memberships

It has been the custom of the ARS Board to award Honorary Life Memberships to its past presidents, recipients of the Distinguished Achievement Award, and a very few others who have given special service to the ARS.

In addition to the above Honor Roll members, recipients include:

Suzanne Bloch
Winifred Jaeger Honorary Vice-President
Joel Newman
Rhoda Weber